my feet by Judith Bernier

Unlike most of the blogs I view these days where brightly painted toes are featured, here are mine, tucked snugly in their Keens with a pile of shavings around them from just milling the pod floor.  It is April 9th and it is snowing. Still. So exposing toes even without the wood shavings is not an option...

A visit to America's Wood Co in Washington Maine earlier this week provided us with this gorgeous cherry floor. Our intention was red birch going in, however, on the shelves was this stunning cherry, rejected from a high end yacht company, it was perfect for what we needed.

We brought it back to the workshop, and proceeded to mill it.

It will have a slight light brown aniline dye and clear Varathane finish over it.


we have all been there by Judith Bernier

You are at home working...or trying to... the cat is sitting on your keyboard...the dog decides when you are on the phone with your boss that THIS is the time to play and bark...woof, arf, woof

Working at home seemed like a good idea at the time.  

What if?

What if you had your own space?

Somewhere on your property, away from the pets, laundry, fur tumbleweeds from the above mentioned pets?

A place where there is complete quiet, a place to think...spread out your work...

Podzook!~give us a shout if you are ready for a life transforming purchase...