need a tax deduction? by Judith Bernier

A home office which is not in the home but deemed a "separate structure" comes with many tax advantages. It is easier to accomplish this than an office inside the residence.

With a separate structure, you have to use it for business, but it doesn't have to be the principal location. For example, if you own a store, but make pottery in your pod to sell, that would justify a write off. You do have to use it exclusively and regularly for business to qualify.

As if you need a reason to own one of these magical spheres.

It practically pays for itself.


By the way my commute to the pod took a little extra time today, had to move some snow to get there.

Enriching lives one pod at a time.





if you worked here by Judith Bernier

you would be home now

I loved that slogan.  It used to be at the Charles River Residences in Boston.  Not sure if it still is.

According to Forbes Magazine in an article from December 7, 2015 there is a direct link between commute time and well~being. People stuck in traffic in their car feel like they are missing out on activities. 

Spend more time with your family, the dog, reading or running. Get a pod.

Enriching lives one pod at a time.  Podzook.




Snow Way by Judith Bernier

well now that i have 38 loaves of bread and 9 gallons of milk i am prepared for the storm.

perhaps i exaggerated just a bit on my provisions.  i do wonder what everyone will be doing with the bread and milk.  is there some sort of french toast that one can make with their fireplace that i am unawares of?

if you had a pod as i do you would worry not about the impending armageddon, you would be working away without a care in the world

so warm in fact it is rather womb~like inside the pod

you would be able to get your work done, safe and warm from the storm

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don't be square by Judith Bernier

for those of you who missed it the UC Davis article in the New York Times 

In a world full of squares, Domies prefer the round. “There are no right angles here,” said Lucas Hill, a senior majoring in sustainable agriculture and food systems. “It makes you think creatively.”

couldn't have said it better myself

thinking about a garden pod to work, think, or create in?

Look no further.  podzook.  Enhancing lives one pod a a time.

sometimes... by Judith Bernier

there is a need to reflect, on where we are and where we are going.  To step away from the hustle. From the constant barrage of social media. (How many ways til Tuesday can I organize my kitchen in the the most perfect be-spoke way??) And sometimes I am going to write about things completely unrelated to pods...

Found this passage in "A Sudden Light" a book I am reading by Garth Stein. I just loved it.

"Perhaps that's what life is about-the search for such a connection. The search for magic. The search for the inexplicable. Not in order to explain it, or contain it. Simply in order to feel it. Because in that recognition of the sublime, we see for a moment the entire universe in the palm of your hand. And in that moment, we touch the face of God."

get in the #queue by Judith Bernier

Before #MarthaStewart discovers us and we end up on #Oprah.

Have no idea if #hashtags work but if they help us sell #pods, we will #hashtag #away.

#HappyFriday everyone !

Looking for an epic #homeoffice ?

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perhaps by Judith Bernier

you do not commute

maybe you just need a quiet spot to ponder random thoughts...

it could be wednesday and the cleaning gal is here, best not to be underfoot whilst she brushes the crumbs under the rug...

it could be book club night and you don't want your little cherubs overhearing the comments on fifty shades of gray cats...

so many reasons to have a pod, can't think of one not to




one way to reduce obesity, cholesterol, pain, fatigue and anxiety by Judith Bernier


"the Gallup-Healthways Well-Being Index, which surveyed Americans about daily commutes and their effects, discovered a virtual horror show. They found the longer the commute, the higher the levels of one's obesity, cholesterol, pain, fatigue and anxiety."

we say is too short to not savor a bit of it...

get a pod, sip some chamomile tea, get your work done.  Simple.  Podzook!



we have all been there by Judith Bernier

You are at home working...or trying to... the cat is sitting on your keyboard...the dog decides when you are on the phone with your boss that THIS is the time to play and bark...woof, arf, woof

Working at home seemed like a good idea at the time.  

What if?

What if you had your own space?

Somewhere on your property, away from the pets, laundry, fur tumbleweeds from the above mentioned pets?

A place where there is complete quiet, a place to think...spread out your work...

Podzook!~give us a shout if you are ready for a life transforming purchase...