WoW / by Judith Bernier

Where did April go?

Come to think of it...where did the past 50 years go? 50. This is how old I will be in July...Happy to have (almost)made it(intact) to that significant milestone. 

Pod Progress. Final coat of paint is being applied this weekend. Ben Moore Natura, zero VOC -Zero emissions in Oxford White # 869 which has a slightly foggy grey~greenish hue to it. I love colors that can not be named.  Most folks would say it is simply white but like most things in life if you take the time to ponder it, it is more than just white...  

Furniture.  This is a biggie. As a former interior designer my head is swirling with possibilities. The chair will most likely come from Geoffrey Warner Studio in Stonington Maine, the "owl" series...saw him speak a couple weeks ago at Pecha Kucha Mid Coast. (If you have never attended one of these evenings~you must~very inspiring!)This rolling stool is not just fun looking but actually good for your back, and sculptural to boot. Oh and colorful.

To go with that perhaps a "floating" translucent resin desk.

Floor.  Installed.  I must say some kind of fabulous. I am done making bungs, there will be a sidebar story on the humble bung. For those of you who know not what a bung is, stay tuned...