A perfect _______. by Judith Bernier

It doesn't matter what.

To have a perfect something, one thing everyday.

It could be a prefect cup of coffee, bon bon, bike ride.

Today, June 12, 2017 dawned a perfect  day. I will take 100 rainy raw drizzly ones to arrive at one as spectacular as today.

This of course was only made better as I have pod to work in.


White House Pod by Judith Bernier

Where does one put a pod? A question I get asked a lot.

The answer...most anywhere. It is the perfect place to go to when you want to get away from things for just a bit...

So I tried it on for size, I think the White House perhaps might be the perfect place.

I think Michelle could use a special pod-a-way just for herself to escape the pesky secret service folks.

5 Best Reasons to Own a Pod by Judith Bernier

1.  Pretty much you will be the only one in your neighborhood, town, county, ok...State... who has one.

2. It is about the same price as a Honda Odyssey but way cooler.

3. Kids Playspace...corral all the toys in there and you won't be tripping all over them.

4. The American Girl Dolls love hanging out in it.

5. Because it is wicked cool!

Intended use for the pod... by Judith Bernier

As if you really need a reason to buy one of these bad boys.

The best reason yet comes from Amber..."I intend to use it for a relaxing space, my house has a lot of people I never get a quiet time to myself."

What a way to step away from the chaos and confusion and have a little space to regroup.

We couldn't agree more.


WoW by Judith Bernier

Where did April go?

Come to think of it...where did the past 50 years go? 50. This is how old I will be in July...Happy to have (almost)made it(intact) to that significant milestone. 

Pod Progress. Final coat of paint is being applied this weekend. Ben Moore Natura, zero VOC -Zero emissions in Oxford White # 869 which has a slightly foggy grey~greenish hue to it. I love colors that can not be named.  Most folks would say it is simply white but like most things in life if you take the time to ponder it, it is more than just white...  

Furniture.  This is a biggie. As a former interior designer my head is swirling with possibilities. The chair will most likely come from Geoffrey Warner Studio in Stonington Maine, the "owl" series...saw him speak a couple weeks ago at Pecha Kucha Mid Coast. (If you have never attended one of these evenings~you must~very inspiring!)This rolling stool is not just fun looking but actually good for your back, and sculptural to boot. Oh and colorful.

To go with that perhaps a "floating" translucent resin desk.

Floor.  Installed.  I must say some kind of fabulous. I am done making bungs, there will be a sidebar story on the humble bung. For those of you who know not what a bung is, stay tuned...

my feet by Judith Bernier

Unlike most of the blogs I view these days where brightly painted toes are featured, here are mine, tucked snugly in their Keens with a pile of shavings around them from just milling the pod floor.  It is April 9th and it is snowing. Still. So exposing toes even without the wood shavings is not an option...

A visit to America's Wood Co in Washington Maine earlier this week provided us with this gorgeous cherry floor. Our intention was red birch going in, however, on the shelves was this stunning cherry, rejected from a high end yacht company, it was perfect for what we needed.

We brought it back to the workshop, and proceeded to mill it.

It will have a slight light brown aniline dye and clear Varathane finish over it.


friday finds by Judith Bernier

At my old company, NELSON, I would post my favorite find for the week. There would be so many interesting new discoveries that it was hard to keep them all to myself. Typically it would be something related to design that would be of value to my teammates. Now that I am on my own and master of my own universe... I have decided to reinstate my Friday Finds, content will run the gamut from food to technology to buttons...

Behold...Earl Gray Ice Cream from Honestly Yum.  honestlyyum.com

Too good for words!

my new addiction by Judith Bernier

My early morning trolling of interesting finds on my social media feeds turned up this marvelous app~Waterlogue.

It takes a photo and then before your very own eyes turns it into a watercolor painting. Admittedly I was dubious, just another way of technology taking away from the artisanal handcrafted nature of art. Then, as anyone who knows me, knows I do not easily fork over $ for apps, I did it...

My life will never be the same again, friends and family, your gifts for the foreseeable future will be my "watercolors."

And for those DIY~ers out there....something very magical happens when you take a photograph of a painting and then Waterlogue it.

found this today on {LIFE}BUZZ by Judith Bernier

When I Got Out Of Bed This Morning I’d Never Heard Of An Archipod… Now I Want One.

Where and when we work is always changing. Advances in technology have made it possible for more people to work from their homes, on their own schedules. Those who are lucky enough to have flexibility in their work schedules could improve their work lives even more with the Archipod.
The Archipod is a prefab, eco-friendly home office. It has porthole windows and a skylight on top for plenty of natural lighting. Desk space fits to the contours of the walls and its wired for all working needs. Archipodders will be able to work peacefully and quietly away from all the disturbances of the household, in the tranquility of their gardens and avoid the road-raging, horn-blowing, finger-flyings stresses of the daily commute. Essentially, the Archipod is a stress-free, tranquil place to work, all from the comfort of your own dome.

Thanks Keith, couldn't have said it better myself...

#lifebuzz #Madeinmaine #archipod


how the pod changed my life. by Judith Bernier

Possibly it was not just the pod...I have no TV, yoga is a friend of mine, and I live in one of the most austerely beautiful parts of the world. But....before the pod came into my life the name I chose for my  business name was going to be "Maine Garden Pods."

Not bad. But not memorable.

Then after time spent in my new pod I started coming up with words. Podzook, Podepreneur, all sorts of new ways pod could be incorporated into one's life. Simply, the pod makes you feel good. It makes you more creative...

Don't take my word for it. Own one for yourself. 


aka the podmother...

the pod experience by Judith Bernier

is one like you have never known before.

Surround yourself in an original work of art. A pod nicely integrates itself into the landscape. Almost like it was always there. You'll experience a kind of serene peacefulness that can only be found in this inspirational fabulous sphere. The life changing magic of owning a pod.

Enriching lives one pod at a time  |  Podzook


the pod can't make everyone happy by Judith Bernier

It's not a basket of Nutella covered kittens.  But if you have a blatant disregard for right angles and want something unique, unusual and eco-friendly, look no more.  A perfect place to work, play & relax. 

Podzook  |  Enriching lives one pod at a time.

the secret by Judith Bernier

to perfect pie crust.

What? You may be wondering...what do pies have to do with pods? Is it that they both begin with "p"? Has she lost her mind? Has she gone mad? ADHD?

None of the above, I spent last summer creating hand pies for Laura Cabot Catering @ the Waldoboro farmers market. In total there were perhaps more than 2000 created, some fan favorites were the pear & cardamon and the chorizo, sweet potato & pepper jack cheese. 

The crust was perfection, 4 ingredients: 1 1/4 c all purpose flour(King Arthur), 1/2 tsp sea salt, 1/2 c.(1 stick)butter(Kates), and 1/4 c. flour.

Mix the flour in salt in a big steel bowl, add the butter in cubes with a pastry blender.  Then add water-little bit at a time...DO NOT OVERMIX, just barely blend it in until it resembles cat litter. Roll out, cut into circles, fill with desired filling and voila! Doesn't get any better.


it is entirely possible... by Judith Bernier

You enjoyed that three hour commute home last night. Perhaps you were listening to John Grisham's latest novel "Gray Mountain" and you did not notice you were moving .7 miles an hour.

Why? Why? Why? Would I possibly need a pod you ask?

Think about this...after that enjoyable ride you arrive back home to your "mixology" pod where sweet mother of Genghis Khan there is a cocktail waiting for you.