There are many ways to configure your pod. 

Options are limitless.

The basic structure remains.

The pod is 9'-6" at it's equator. Height is 8'-3" to the top of the dome.  

In the future we will offer the "fat pod" which is a bit larger.

The gull wing door is a standard.  It has gas struts. This piece is very special. We import it from the UK.

Walls are curved plywood with encapsulated insulation, plasterboard finish on the inside with a high performance foil insulation and vapor barrier. There are no visible joints. Hand plastered and finished then painted in a matte Zero-VOC and Zero Emissions Paint.

Glazing consists of a 3'-4' diameter hinged double skin polycarbonate roof dome and a double glazed stainless steel porthole window.

Floor is reclaimed hardwood with a radiant floor heating component.

Electrics include six dimmable spotlights housed in a "light ring". Three outlets and a data connection. The pod is “plug and play” similar to that of a RV.

Foundation..concrete blocks are included, the customer will need to prepare the ground prior to installation.

Typically it is clad in cedar shingles, with a clear stain. You may choose a color or some other material. 

We will try to accommodate your vision.

Prices range from 17-25K depending on how you chose to craft your pod.